Voice Banks

Previous Versions of My UTAUloids:
Act.1: Hayao Misakura (見桜速雄)

Act.2: Hayao Misakura (見桜速雄)

Current Versions:

Act.3: Hayao Misakura (見桜速雄)

Act.1: Hayao Misakura SOFT  (見桜速雄SOFT)

Age: 19

Range: Yet to be tested for his ACT.3

Item: An anime DVD (Ichigo Hime STRIKE!), or Ice Lemon Tea.

g+12 ~ g+16

Personality: Derp, lets just say pervy for now XD

Bio: derp

Extra info: likes anime (preferably goth-loli), strawberries, bitter chocolate, sour things and Visual kei-style clothing. He’s also an Incubus.


8 responses

18 10 2009

…What? .___. D-did I copy something? Aw, hell. Please don’t tell me I’m going to get a troll this fast…
I didn’t copy Legend maker. I’m subscribed on YouTube, and I respect them.
I checked the UTAU wikia before giving it this name, and there’s no other “Rainbow UTAU Project”, So WTF?

19 10 2009

Troller, I’m really sorry for you and I’mma let you finish, but Rainbow UTAU Project has the best ideas ever.

14 03 2011


9 05 2010

Is the current version of this with English or just Romanji?

9 05 2010

This version is… Um. Very bad. About half oto’d.
It’s in Hiragana, and comes with english.

But, uh…
In a week or so I’m going to release his new VB, and after that I will release his new english separately (because I’m taking too long) D;
His new VB is in romaji, but not this current one.

9 05 2010

Alright thank you for the info.

11 08 2010

It seems the link to his Act 3 VB seems to be still leading to his Act 2 VB

Unless you didn’t change the Rar name

14 09 2010

Thank you so much for telling me. xD I hardly use this site anymore (I was building a new one!), so I missed it.

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