28 12 2011

By a really long time.

Hayao has had 2.0 VCVs released…New mic, good at oto’s now.

Go there, please.


14 03 2010

EDIT: FFF- The quality, it burns my ears * A*;;
Sorry! I had to compress it through another program so I could upload! Damn you, slow internet!
Please go and listen to the MP3 on 4Shared for the full quality version.

I made something with Yoshi, and I really hope you like it x3
I’m sorry no-one uses him, but I don’t get why D: He’s amazing~

Anyway, I’ve been working on this UST for a while~~ From the original VSQ, I didn’t know anything about modulation, so it originally sounded horrible XD
Won’t be released until I work out a few lyric kinks that I made when I was a noob.

It’s my birthday the week after next, and pfft, no hype this year. 15 years old… ;-; I’m scared. I’m almost old enough for mom to tell me to go get a job…. ughno.

Anyway, I’ll be a little less active video wise for now, because of failing school and Re-doing all of Hayaos voice banks.
All of them.
My fourth time re-recording his Triphones (I’ll release my last try, but it sucks, so I’m re-recording), but I’ll make it through.
The only bank I’m not re-recording is his SOFT bank, because thats completly up-to-date. c:
I’ll release his new normal bank in romaji as well, this time, and in order to pump out the downloads, I’ll leave his english until a bit later, and just record the basic few needed for English.

Well, back to Yoshi.
Why doesn’t anyone use him? He’s so high quality.
Hope I did a good job on his voice~
Oh, and it took ages to finish the video. ^^; I’m really proud of the art, because its not really that lazy for once! And I bothered subtitling, which I thought was cool. c:

MP3: http://www.4shared.com/file/240733416/c1385f42/UTAUKizune_Yoshi.html

Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6N34xcfj7M

Composition, lyrics, arrangement, VSQ: 鉄風P

Art, Video, UST: Haloheroine (me)

【UTAUカバー】 けんか別れ 【見桜速雄softappend】

14 03 2010

8D Also, he’s now in full romaji and will be released in packs once I’m done. This could take from a week to a month, I’m not entirely sure. But the soft beta will be up in the next week for sure. x3

Plain Lite= His Normal Voice Bank only.
Soft Lite= His Soft Voice Bank only.
Full Lite= Soft and Normal Voice Banks.
Bilingual= Normal and English Voice Banks.
Full= Soft, Normal and English Voice Banks.( English can only be used with normal Voice Bank, though D: ).

-From here on is Hiragana compatible only, sorry-

Triphonic Lite= Triphonics, Normal Voice Banks.
Triphonics Full= Triphonics, Normal and Soft Voice Bank
Hayao Ultimate= Triphonics, Normal, Soft and English. I doubt anyone can be bothered waiting for this one to download, but it will be what I use XD

Ah, anyway. Thanks to Mae (Annamaeblythe) for helping me get him to sound soft D: I have NO IDEA why I can’t make soft sounds. My voice must be naturally loud and obnoxious. ^^ He sounds really nice to me, and I’d like to know what other people think, since more people will be able to use him now.

Also his English is far more realistic! 8D I made him sing some of Still Alive, and it was pretty damn understandable. No demo for that, though D: I need to re-record it, as I made him sound too manly.

Kenka Wakare originally by -???-
UST by -???- Bt it wasn’t the one everyone else uses. :’C I used a better one for the most part, thats why it’s so short.

Hayao: -Moooooaaaaaannnnn-
Jarred: o/////////////////////O Wut?
Hayao: c:
Jarred: .____.

【UTAU連続音】 Good Bye Days 【見桜速雄】

14 03 2010


I love this song and always had wanted Hayao to sing something by YUI~
MotokokuSanagi, I love you for finding the YUI MIDIs. = u=
I think he pulls it off well with his Triphonics. 8D They’ll be done soon, but you won’t get them until I update his English and Diphonic bank, sorry.

I actually made the UST in less than a day; but then I got banned from the computer. XD Couldn’t draw the art, either… I had to roughly trace a YUI photo, because I couldn’t get the Guitar right (and you’ll notice I left out the tuning key things by mistake ANYWAY. Sorry).

Um, I may not upload or be active for awhile, because school… is kind of difficult at the moment… Dx
If I disappear, please don’t worry. I’ve just been banned from the computer or something…

Ah, original song credits to YUI. She created this song and I had no hand in it in any way. I just made the lazy art and UST.
UST: People were asking for it XD
Karaoke:  http://www.mediafire.com/?zhnzzgwwmol

【UTAU連続音】 君の知らない物語 【見桜速雄】

14 03 2010

.___. Should not have taken this long. Sorry.
Anyways, Hayaos Otos are STILL only about half done. So no Triphonic Voice Bank for you guys yet. D:
…In fact, I’m slowly checking every recording for errors or blurriness, as that seems to be common in my new recording corner D| Corner = Echoes. Echoes are evil.

BUT! On the plus side, I’ve almost fixed all of the Otos I screwed up, so now he can sing PROPERLY. And sorry for his… Sounding icky at the start. I couldn’t get some of the fast bits to flow, even when I tweaked the recordings in audacity. ‘OTL Overall he sounds kinda nice, though, yes?

And does anyone else (apart from Syo, who was the first to notice) think he sounds WAY softer? .__.’ I think I might go with Syos idea of re-doing the Triphonics and making this a soft append. It’s a little backwards, but BUH. I like him being clear and fullon. D:

Oh and sorry, again for the shitty art. If anyone can tell me what visual novel I ripped the BG from, they get a prize.

MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?gerhznowihn

UST: I used the pre-made Ritsu triphonic one off nico(and edited the -Blam!- out of it), but there IS a VSQ on one of the GUMI covers there, as well. 8D

【UTAU】月のワルツ 【甘く音マユ】

12 02 2010


…And only now I realize that the singing for the main part is off by a bit.

It took awhile to edit, but I did it. m(_ _)m
When I heard Ritsu sing this, I fell in love instantly. I spent half the day trying to find a UST, which I did, eventually.
It had a few problems, though… Some notes didn’t fade out when they should have, it didn’t have a UST for the vocalizing at the start and some of the notes and lyrics where wrong. I fixed MOST of it, and all on Sourbet’s (Artificial Voice) birthday… THEN I GOT STUCK AT A HOUSE WITH NO COMPUTER D: Sad face.
Oh well, Hope you enjoy. ^^ I think it suits Mayu’s voice~

Originally composed and sung by Isayama Mio
Lyrics were penned by Reiko Yukawa
Arranged by Jun Abe
Original can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_POSyzyjq8I

Amakune Mayu belongs to Artificial Voice: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArtificialVoice
The original song belongs to whoever takes the credit for that. Can be taken down on the request of the original creators.
UST by unknown. I found it in an uploader.
BGM by a Niconico Karaoke Uploader, thus the “Tsuki no Warutsu” at the start of the video.
Lame art belongs to me.

【UTAU連続音】 天の笹舟・Fire◎Flower【見桜速雄】

12 02 2010


Okay, so this is Hayaos Triphonics testing I’ve been doing over the past few days.
Sorry I haven’t done more of either song D;
I hope he sounds okay… It’s difficult for me to tell.
He will have a few sounds re-recorded, like most of his “r” sounds… Dx They sound like yuck.

Comments and critiques encouraged!

天の笹舟 (Heavenly Bamboo Boat) Originally by:
JounetsuP [情熱P] – mylist/4988835
Sung by Luka Megurine

Fire◎Flower Originally by:
halyosy – mylist/5021302
Sung by Len

【UTAUカバ】 Anger 【見桜速雄】

11 01 2010

You guys know I love you.

Haha. Sorry for the horrible art. orz Hayao’s even missing a foot…
This took so long to do. It’s like, a re-do of a re-do of a re-do now.
After I got better at pitch bending I re-did it again~

Ah, I really do love this song. Tripshots is so cool.<3
And heeeey. Me and Myst have done both Anger and Nebula now. :’D
So cool~
For anyone who cares; Hayao will have a proper triphonic bank soon!
XD The FRQ files and Otos are about half done now.

USTs in Progress:
Ningyou no Uta -Me- 80% ~ XDD Guess who this is for. A (very) short original song. Was made by me singing a random tune of ahs, MikuMikuVoicing it, then randomly adding bits. Still not up to the finished version, and I have no BGM. c:
ドラスティックサイクル (Drastic Cycle) -鉄風P- 86% ~ I totally forgot about this. I made it before I got good at UST making, so it’s incredibly off-key. I know how to fix it now, though so it should be done soon~<3
Dolls -RozenkreuzP- 78% ~ On hold because I can’t be bothered doing something already done. Twice.
My Wish[Horror] X’mas -Mix Speaker’s,Inc.- 12% ~ Just finished MikuMikuVoicing up to the chorus.
GGRKS (Gugurekasu, Go Google it, Moron!) – aamin-P- 4% ~ UGH BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE WANT IT, BUT NO-ONE’S MAKING IT. Just started MMV-ing.

Original lyrics, composition and arrangement: Tripshots
UST: On the UST page
Misakura Hayao ACT.2 VB: Voice Bank page


6 01 2010

Anyway, good afternoon now.
If you haven’t been able to tell already; I like being different.
So instead of doing the normal magnet (And being frustrated with the fail harmonies of both existing USTs) I decided to tackle TorikonPs cover UST of Magnet/Freedom.
I say tackle because the flags on the USTs are so… weird. So I’m sorry Hayao sounds muffled at some points, but when I didn’t mess with the flags he sounded really strange so I suppose its okay.
@Rollcasket: I hope you like how Yuuta sounds! D: I’m a little worried you won’t like it…
Someone asked to know what the song was about, so a translation;

I knew that the brightness of a drop of tear was an illusion from the beginning.
If addiction is a sin, then I’ll become a foolish criminal.

The taste on these lips that aren’t my own
Even if I exhaust what’s left, it’s still not enough.

I undermine endlessly, like a doll.
All that I can do is whisper my love
If I give myself to this gravitation, I can give myself to you
It seems to the magnet…

As it breaks further, it becomes more precious.
I claw into my scar again and again.
When our arms come together
I can lose everything because you are close to me.

A cold look causes me to feel like I’m burning.
I sacrifice everything after this for the future.
I’m ready to accept anything.

Don’t show me reality and don’t show me the future.
If it’s just the two of us, it’s enough.
We drift further apart as we become closer
And yet I love you…
My heart burst into fragments.

Even the lies rot.
I find out about the kindness, and how weak it is.
When will this curse be released?

I undermine endlessly, like a doll.
All that I can do is whisper my love
If I give myself to this gravitation, I can drop myself onto you
We yearn for each other and fall in love
This illusion consumes us again and again
We long to pull each other together,
We drift further apart as we become closer
And yet I love you…
My heart burst into fragments…
Nabbed from:
AmonDerevex, I think 8D

MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?hxttmnjjnyn
UST by: 鳥コンP
Yuuta’s voice and art: http://www.youtube.com/user/rollcaskett2
Hayao’s voice, the chibi Jarred and editing: Haloheroine (me)

【UTAU】 SPICE! 【見桜速雄】

2 01 2010


Haaaahh… done.
This took me… A long time… Not because there was a lot of work… Just because I couldn’t find a decent VSQ or MIDI. Then I found faljaf’s, and they even gave me permission to re-distribute!! Yay~ (*≧▽≦)/

By the way, this is a new years and late Christmas gift~ Enjoy~

Dolls UST Progress: Enveloping ;D- 74%
Anger UST Progress: 8D Very close to done. I just need to fix the pitch bending- 95%

Credit to the original VSQ goes to faljaf: http://www.youtube.com/user/faljaf

But they gave me permission to distribute the UST, so FINALLY, here is the UST for the full version of SPICE!, as well as the Karaoke. It comes in Hiragana and Romaji: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ndwkzt3znd
The usual. You guys have to credit, and sorry, but I’M not allowing re-distribution. You cannot direct link. Please link to the YouTube video, or the thread on Vocaloid Otaku, in UTAU Talk. D:
And preferably tell me, because I wanna see XD
MP3 without clicks: http://www.mediafire.com/?yitg2jti0zz

Hayao’s up to ACT.2, Don’t forget to update: http://www.mediafire.com/?qmgl0ngmlwn
Yeah, I don’t have a great deal to say right now… Enjoy.