【UTAU連続音】 君の知らない物語 【見桜速雄】

14 03 2010

.___. Should not have taken this long. Sorry.
Anyways, Hayaos Otos are STILL only about half done. So no Triphonic Voice Bank for you guys yet. D:
…In fact, I’m slowly checking every recording for errors or blurriness, as that seems to be common in my new recording corner D| Corner = Echoes. Echoes are evil.

BUT! On the plus side, I’ve almost fixed all of the Otos I screwed up, so now he can sing PROPERLY. And sorry for his… Sounding icky at the start. I couldn’t get some of the fast bits to flow, even when I tweaked the recordings in audacity. ‘OTL Overall he sounds kinda nice, though, yes?

And does anyone else (apart from Syo, who was the first to notice) think he sounds WAY softer? .__.’ I think I might go with Syos idea of re-doing the Triphonics and making this a soft append. It’s a little backwards, but BUH. I like him being clear and fullon. D:

Oh and sorry, again for the shitty art. If anyone can tell me what visual novel I ripped the BG from, they get a prize.

MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?gerhznowihn

UST: I used the pre-made Ritsu triphonic one off nico(and edited the -Blam!- out of it), but there IS a VSQ on one of the GUMI covers there, as well. 8D


【UTAU】月のワルツ 【甘く音マユ】

12 02 2010


…And only now I realize that the singing for the main part is off by a bit.

It took awhile to edit, but I did it. m(_ _)m
When I heard Ritsu sing this, I fell in love instantly. I spent half the day trying to find a UST, which I did, eventually.
It had a few problems, though… Some notes didn’t fade out when they should have, it didn’t have a UST for the vocalizing at the start and some of the notes and lyrics where wrong. I fixed MOST of it, and all on Sourbet’s (Artificial Voice) birthday… THEN I GOT STUCK AT A HOUSE WITH NO COMPUTER D: Sad face.
Oh well, Hope you enjoy. ^^ I think it suits Mayu’s voice~

Originally composed and sung by Isayama Mio
Lyrics were penned by Reiko Yukawa
Arranged by Jun Abe
Original can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_POSyzyjq8I

Amakune Mayu belongs to Artificial Voice: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArtificialVoice
The original song belongs to whoever takes the credit for that. Can be taken down on the request of the original creators.
UST by unknown. I found it in an uploader.
BGM by a Niconico Karaoke Uploader, thus the “Tsuki no Warutsu” at the start of the video.
Lame art belongs to me.

【UTAU連続音】 天の笹舟・Fire◎Flower【見桜速雄】

12 02 2010


Okay, so this is Hayaos Triphonics testing I’ve been doing over the past few days.
Sorry I haven’t done more of either song D;
I hope he sounds okay… It’s difficult for me to tell.
He will have a few sounds re-recorded, like most of his “r” sounds… Dx They sound like yuck.

Comments and critiques encouraged!

天の笹舟 (Heavenly Bamboo Boat) Originally by:
JounetsuP [情熱P] – mylist/4988835
Sung by Luka Megurine

Fire◎Flower Originally by:
halyosy – mylist/5021302
Sung by Len