【UTAU】月のワルツ 【甘く音マユ】

12 02 2010


…And only now I realize that the singing for the main part is off by a bit.

It took awhile to edit, but I did it. m(_ _)m
When I heard Ritsu sing this, I fell in love instantly. I spent half the day trying to find a UST, which I did, eventually.
It had a few problems, though… Some notes didn’t fade out when they should have, it didn’t have a UST for the vocalizing at the start and some of the notes and lyrics where wrong. I fixed MOST of it, and all on Sourbet’s (Artificial Voice) birthday… THEN I GOT STUCK AT A HOUSE WITH NO COMPUTER D: Sad face.
Oh well, Hope you enjoy. ^^ I think it suits Mayu’s voice~

Originally composed and sung by Isayama Mio
Lyrics were penned by Reiko Yukawa
Arranged by Jun Abe
Original can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_POSyzyjq8I

Amakune Mayu belongs to Artificial Voice: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArtificialVoice
The original song belongs to whoever takes the credit for that. Can be taken down on the request of the original creators.
UST by unknown. I found it in an uploader.
BGM by a Niconico Karaoke Uploader, thus the “Tsuki no Warutsu” at the start of the video.
Lame art belongs to me.