【UTAU連続音】 Good Bye Days 【見桜速雄】

14 03 2010


I love this song and always had wanted Hayao to sing something by YUI~
MotokokuSanagi, I love you for finding the YUI MIDIs. = u=
I think he pulls it off well with his Triphonics. 8D They’ll be done soon, but you won’t get them until I update his English and Diphonic bank, sorry.

I actually made the UST in less than a day; but then I got banned from the computer. XD Couldn’t draw the art, either… I had to roughly trace a YUI photo, because I couldn’t get the Guitar right (and you’ll notice I left out the tuning key things by mistake ANYWAY. Sorry).

Um, I may not upload or be active for awhile, because school… is kind of difficult at the moment… Dx
If I disappear, please don’t worry. I’ve just been banned from the computer or something…

Ah, original song credits to YUI. She created this song and I had no hand in it in any way. I just made the lazy art and UST.
UST: People were asking for it XD
Karaoke:  http://www.mediafire.com/?zhnzzgwwmol




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