【UTAUカバー】 けんか別れ 【見桜速雄softappend】

14 03 2010

8D Also, he’s now in full romaji and will be released in packs once I’m done. This could take from a week to a month, I’m not entirely sure. But the soft beta will be up in the next week for sure. x3

Plain Lite= His Normal Voice Bank only.
Soft Lite= His Soft Voice Bank only.
Full Lite= Soft and Normal Voice Banks.
Bilingual= Normal and English Voice Banks.
Full= Soft, Normal and English Voice Banks.( English can only be used with normal Voice Bank, though D: ).

-From here on is Hiragana compatible only, sorry-

Triphonic Lite= Triphonics, Normal Voice Banks.
Triphonics Full= Triphonics, Normal and Soft Voice Bank
Hayao Ultimate= Triphonics, Normal, Soft and English. I doubt anyone can be bothered waiting for this one to download, but it will be what I use XD

Ah, anyway. Thanks to Mae (Annamaeblythe) for helping me get him to sound soft D: I have NO IDEA why I can’t make soft sounds. My voice must be naturally loud and obnoxious. ^^ He sounds really nice to me, and I’d like to know what other people think, since more people will be able to use him now.

Also his English is far more realistic! 8D I made him sing some of Still Alive, and it was pretty damn understandable. No demo for that, though D: I need to re-record it, as I made him sound too manly.

Kenka Wakare originally by -???-
UST by -???- Bt it wasn’t the one everyone else uses. :’C I used a better one for the most part, thats why it’s so short.

Hayao: -Moooooaaaaaannnnn-
Jarred: o/////////////////////O Wut?
Hayao: c:
Jarred: .____.




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