14 03 2010

EDIT: FFF- The quality, it burns my ears * A*;;
Sorry! I had to compress it through another program so I could upload! Damn you, slow internet!
Please go and listen to the MP3 on 4Shared for the full quality version.

I made something with Yoshi, and I really hope you like it x3
I’m sorry no-one uses him, but I don’t get why D: He’s amazing~

Anyway, I’ve been working on this UST for a while~~ From the original VSQ, I didn’t know anything about modulation, so it originally sounded horrible XD
Won’t be released until I work out a few lyric kinks that I made when I was a noob.

It’s my birthday the week after next, and pfft, no hype this year. 15 years old… ;-; I’m scared. I’m almost old enough for mom to tell me to go get a job…. ughno.

Anyway, I’ll be a little less active video wise for now, because of failing school and Re-doing all of Hayaos voice banks.
All of them.
My fourth time re-recording his Triphones (I’ll release my last try, but it sucks, so I’m re-recording), but I’ll make it through.
The only bank I’m not re-recording is his SOFT bank, because thats completly up-to-date. c:
I’ll release his new normal bank in romaji as well, this time, and in order to pump out the downloads, I’ll leave his english until a bit later, and just record the basic few needed for English.

Well, back to Yoshi.
Why doesn’t anyone use him? He’s so high quality.
Hope I did a good job on his voice~
Oh, and it took ages to finish the video. ^^; I’m really proud of the art, because its not really that lazy for once! And I bothered subtitling, which I thought was cool. c:

MP3: http://www.4shared.com/file/240733416/c1385f42/UTAUKizune_Yoshi.html

Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6N34xcfj7M

Composition, lyrics, arrangement, VSQ: 鉄風P

Art, Video, UST: Haloheroine (me)



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