【UTAUカバ】 Anger 【見桜速雄】

11 01 2010

You guys know I love you.

Haha. Sorry for the horrible art. orz Hayao’s even missing a foot…
This took so long to do. It’s like, a re-do of a re-do of a re-do now.
After I got better at pitch bending I re-did it again~

Ah, I really do love this song. Tripshots is so cool.<3
And heeeey. Me and Myst have done both Anger and Nebula now. :’D
So cool~
For anyone who cares; Hayao will have a proper triphonic bank soon!
XD The FRQ files and Otos are about half done now.

USTs in Progress:
Ningyou no Uta -Me- 80% ~ XDD Guess who this is for. A (very) short original song. Was made by me singing a random tune of ahs, MikuMikuVoicing it, then randomly adding bits. Still not up to the finished version, and I have no BGM. c:
ドラスティックサイクル (Drastic Cycle) -鉄風P- 86% ~ I totally forgot about this. I made it before I got good at UST making, so it’s incredibly off-key. I know how to fix it now, though so it should be done soon~<3
Dolls -RozenkreuzP- 78% ~ On hold because I can’t be bothered doing something already done. Twice.
My Wish[Horror] X’mas -Mix Speaker’s,Inc.- 12% ~ Just finished MikuMikuVoicing up to the chorus.
GGRKS (Gugurekasu, Go Google it, Moron!) – aamin-P- 4% ~ UGH BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE WANT IT, BUT NO-ONE’S MAKING IT. Just started MMV-ing.

Original lyrics, composition and arrangement: Tripshots
UST: On the UST page
Misakura Hayao ACT.2 VB: Voice Bank page




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